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Aircraft Carrier Group - Volume 2

This is volume 2 of aircraft carrierness. Why a separate upload? I couldn't figure out how to add more airports to the other one. By the time I did I'd done too much work to integrate it into the old version. It'll also...

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This is volume 2 of aircraft carrierness. Why a separate upload? I couldn't figure out how to add more airports to the other one. By the time I did I'd done too much work to integrate it into the old version. It'll also be easier to keep track of updates with this a separate file. 

There are two separate folders in this version so don't forget you need to go down a level to paste both of them. The second folder holds the settings for the arrestor cables from the Enterprise mod. 

For newcomers these are a bunch of static aircraft carriers, or carrier groups, that are operational airports spread across the world. Since they're airports you can start from them and locate them. 

You need version 3.9 of this -  to use as a library.

Google map here        Aircraft Carrier Group Locations         The newest locations are at the bottom of the side bar. 

Volume 2 locations are yellow. Blue is Volume 1. There's a txt file inside the download with the same coordinates and descriptions. 

If you didn't obtain it from the main file description, then this freeware program gives you catapult and arrestor functions -

This mod by TouchingCloud will give the F/A-18 its own carrier functionality which means you don't need to run a separate app -

To go with the above mod for a physical catapult, arrestor wires and carrier crew you need to download this by PhotosbyKev which is a package with the relevant items -

As with the other version, runway 10, which is present at most modern locations, is always a helipad on a ship to start on. All ships with helipads are landable.

There are two different versions. The second download does not star the airports if you don't want a map filled with them. 

You need to turn off crashes and turn off takeoff and landing assistance. 


I'm certainly looking forward to the Top Gun addon but not even Xenu will offer you this much choice. 

I decided to make more of a virtue of being able to place an airport anywhere, so in addition to crowdpleasers like a US carrier near Naval Air Stations, there are locations such as Point Nemo, the furthest point from land on Earth for unusualtons who enjoy flying for hours over the sea, to the Kerguelen Islands and it was also time to install a HMS Prince of Wales in the depths of the Grand Canyon. 

I've also added more World War Two themes at various locations. I gave up trying to figure out the exact locations for carriers at events like the Battle of Midway and put them in more accessible places. If you know stuff like this then please inform me.

The WW2 centrepiece is ACOK Scapa Flow so that's where I'd go first if that's your thing.

Enter 'WW2' in the search box on the flight planning screen and all these locations will appear. 


V 1.8

Is for the WW2ists.

I spent the afternoon drooling at my screen with a ruler trying to figure out the locations for the carriers at the Battle of Midway. I think I got it sort of right. There are four locations to start from which are sort of their correct positions at the key moments. 

The other location is the Akagi off Kyoto having a much more peaceful time.

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I am looking for a WWII carrier to make a video of an N6N flight in honor of my deceased friend who flew Hellcats off of the USS Yorktown during WWII. Do you have plans to restore your WWII carrier to working condition? Like many other developers you must have suffered from Asobo's habit of yanking the rug out from under developers?

if the dev still looks at the comments on this, have you stopped development on the carriers? cause the arrestor wires don't work but the catapult does. it would be awesome if you fixed the carriers as there are the only freeware worldwide carriers I know. the only working freeware one I have is just around the US.


this mod is working with the F/A18E of MSFS2020?

For anyone like me finding in hard to see the yellow icons on the Google map, you could adjust the Nvidia color settings hue slider slightly, and the icons will then temporarily be blue and green instead of blue and yellow. Easier to see for me.

'ello, Will there be modern Japanese carriers/escorts in Tokyo Bay and other IJN port/patrol areas? Cheers!

Hi, for whatever reason my aircraft carriers are pink nodes. Any reason why this might be?

Great Add _n. Thank you! Why do your aircraft carriers take over and dominate my list of airports in the drop down window? I would like to see the normal airports here and NOT just carriers. Please give us back our airport menu. Thank you.

Why do they look like blocks/rocks for me??

About ILS frequency of ACHR.

Not displayed at 108.00.

"AC3K Taklamakan Desert 38.867862, 82.132145

Strange things happen in the desert. Like this. "

Oooh, that's WICKED!

Be careful, or you might have the 国安部 onto you!

Thanks so much for this! This is great. I've been having a lot of fun practicing WW2 carrier operations.

One suggestion: would it be possible to add a static landing signal officer (LSO) at the appropriate location? Even a static model would help with WW2 carrier operations because it would give a point of reference for the final turning approach.

I've got a question about this. for some reason I cannot find any of them once I install them. I extract both versions into the community folder then start up msfs but it still doesn't work

I love absolutely everything about this package and how it has grown over the months, EXCEPT putting carriers where they could NEVER EVER go, like the Grand Canyon! You know there are massive dams on the Colorado River, right, and virtually no water in the Canyon, right? It's the reason I only have this scenery load with my Hawaiian and Scottish "buckets" (for the outstanding historic fleets).

Please give us a way to disable the absurd and keep the historic and realistic because those are simply brilliant. How about an Aircraft Carriers of the World Volume 3 for the wacky stuff? I'd be happy with a text file that shows me how to disable the Grand Canyon ship by editing a config file. Choice is good!

Vielen Dank für Deine Arbeit. Ich liebe es.

Phantastisch mit der F-18 Super Warrior

Vielen Dank für diese Mod|

Great job and more importantly a great developer who listens to his community

Great work. I love it

everytime i try to take off in the f-18 when i hit the end of the carrier it just says i landed in water

Very good mod, the aircraft carriers are of very good quality and without any bug that I have observed, and with constant updates. Amazing work!

SU7 compatibility?

¡Estos artículos están actualmente en la lista y serán procesados pronto!
Sugerencias, errores e ideas para el futuro.

  • Version 1.8 January 30, 2022

    For the WW2 ists.

    Four carrier airports at the correct ish locations for the Battle of Midway.

    One Akagi off Kyoto in more peaceful times.

  • Version 1.7 January 18, 2022

    Adds Touching Cloud arrestor wires to the relevant carriers.

    Realigns ILS.

    Adds two new locations - CVN 77 at Admiralty Island in Alaska, and the Charles de Gaulle off Martinique.

  • Version 1.6 December 10, 2021

    Adjust the carriers to accommodate the F/A-18 Super Warrior by Touching Cloud and Carrier Ops USS Enterprise by Photos by Kev.

    Three new locations - Bristol Channel, North Pacific and West Papua New Guinea.

  • Version 1.5 November 18, 2021

    Adds 8 new locations focused on the F/A-18 and F35.

    Two off Patrick AFB in Florida. One extra one further west of Miramar. Two in the UK off Norfolk and Cornwall. Two close to Marine and JSDF bases Japan. One off Italy.

  • Version 1.4 October 28, 2021

    Tweaks all of the sites with larger parking spaces, moving the VASI lights and clearing up a few mistakes here and there.

    Three new locations added - Helicopter only near Rothera in Antarctica, a WW2 carrier in Charleston Harbor and modern carriers at Ria de Arousa.

  • Version 1.3 September 21, 2021

    Adds 13 new locations - Azores, Tasman Sea, Hokkaido, Morecambe Bay, Panama Canal, Saipan, North Sea, Comoros Islands, Namibia, Fiji, Adriatic, Barents Sea and South China Sea.

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