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Version 1.3.1
Lanzamiento inicial July 25, 2021
Última actualización November 09, 2021
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  • Version 1.3.1 November 09, 2021

    Fixing update :

    - Fixing aircraft elevation => Work by Cbcdesign, big thanks !
    - Fixing invisible aircrafts

    Just replace the ivao_x-csl folder in your community

  • Version 1.3 August 09, 2021

    On request of AIG (one 3D model are an AIG model) i remove all textures and all models because i can't distribute models and textures files… only .CFG files.

    I need to get authorisation for each texture and each model…endless work.

    We lose this aircraft and liveries:


    If you want theses aircrafts in your traffic, now you need to:

    - Download IVAO MTL app,
    - Create a fake .exe for FSX or P3DV if you havent this sims
    - Download model per model, texture per texture
    - Make a script who clean .cfg files, make models for each liveries
    - Correcting some .MDL with modelconvertx who are bugged in MS2020
    - Make a layout.json
    - A lot of cofee and dont sleep some nights

    Welcome to the very closed world of AI planes where people want you be competent enough to build up temporary AI traffic on your own but without sharing your work with the community for free.

    Aircrafts Always included:
    - A319
    - A320
    - A321
    - A332
    - A346
    - A359
    - B788
    - B77L
    - B77W
    - B738
    - B739
    - B744
    - B748

  • Version 1.2 August 08, 2021

  • Version 1.1 July 26, 2021


    IN CASE OF UPDATE: Dont't delete or move the Ivao_x-csl folder already installed in the community folder, you just need to copy and paste the same folder of my mod into it, then accept all files to be overwritten'. You will then be all set with no blank texture for AI Traffic.

    - Fixed two whites liveries (JBU A21N, DAL 738W)
    - Adding ai.cfg
    - Fixing 757 model

  • Lanzado July 25, 2021

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647 Comentarios

Hey people,

Now, i recommend the Beta version of AIG which is much superior to this mod because it also manages planes in the parking lot.


Please remove the ivao_x-cls directory and static mods before use

This is worth a read:

State of AI Traffic in MSFS

When will the update come quickly? Planes only land. Don't start at all and turn in circles. Really not good! Airplane models very good as Ivao class. But please update please lease 😪😪😪😠😠😠😠

Thank you for your work while we have been waiting for AIG, you made the MSFS experience much better. AIG still has some problems but they are largely caused by issues with the sim itself, and they are also still in beta, but looking good so far.

What about planes taking off ????

Please update please 😪😪😪😪

it worts well, thanks for making this available for free.

It doesn't work for me.

Question: Does this mod re-activate *departing* traffic?

A great tool, if you have a question, it would be possible to let the aircraft coast longer after landing and that they do not brake so quickly. They are almost there after about 300m landing distance. . So let it roll out faster and longer and then quickly get off the track. Because it doesn't look realistic like that. I know that it is the same in the original from MSFS.


So would that be possible to change that ???

Warm greetings.

what type of traffic that i saw with this mood, is it live traffic or AI traffic? and some airliner just showing beacon light without the plane



24 day(s) ago / Agradecido por headwind

Thank you Mr. Headwind for all you done. While I have not yet downloaded the AIG Mod, I will try per your suggestion. Endearing thanks to all except AS who simply put a lipstick on airplanes with their simple traffic release and charge people for substandard product similar to Captain SIM 777, in my opinion.

Hey people,

Now, i recommend the Beta version of AIG which is much superior to this mod because it also manages planes in the parking lot.


Please remove the ivao_x-cls directory and static mods before use

I sooooo wish to NEVER see an Air Berlin livery again ...

First of all, Air Berlin does not exist anymore, and secondly, I sincerely doubt that you will find Air Berlin aircraft in Hiroshima, in Johannesburg, in New York, in Buenos Aires, in Simon Bolivar, and Wellington.

Aircraft Approaches work but Aircraft Departures dont work!

Do you need the complete altitude installation (with apps and dlls) or only the MTL AI-Aircraft folder "ivao_x-csl" inside community, that the altitude setup generates?

whats in the update?

Good addon but unfortunately ATR-72 planes does not appear and is invisible, not even the same model aircraft with any livery. You'll get 5 stars if all aircraft airliners model is available and with taxi lights like the default traffic. Nevertheless the models are better than the silly default.


Just need to drag and drop ALL airports folder in your community and set Ground aircraft density to 0 :


If I do that I get 0 aircraft on any airport, so also not the AI traffic (IVAO installed) as per your instructions, sorry,

Great addon! But I have encountered a problem a few times that another AI plane was placed at the same gate as mine, making the two planes overlap. How can I solve this? Thanks.

In the changelog your wrote, just replace the folder. So can i delete the ivao folder and just put the downloaded one in there

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