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Hola Josema, correcto, aún no tiene salidas, estoy trabajando en ello.


See adjustments in version 1.01. Thanks for the feedback..😊

Does'nt work, because the file structure is incorrect.

This is probably the flight model getting turbulence effect. But if not that, it could also be:

  • Check your FLIGHT MODEL in MSFS settings. Set it to MODERN, not LEGACY
  • Check your CAMER SHAKE in MSFS settings, set it to OFF, not ON.

Check the quick start guide. Common issues:

  • Not engaged FADEC (use Ctrl+E, or click Ready for Takeoff on the tablet)
  • Not bound to correct axis (use THROTTLE AXIS in settings, not 1 or 2, etc)
  • SimConnect.cfg file is present in PC documents (remove it if found)
  • Duplicate controller is sending input blocking your expected throttle control from working.

Hi - I mentioned on discord that I may be able to resolve this once I root cause exactly what broke and why it's not broken all the time. When I figure this out I'll see about a fix. For now GTC.H is marked in amber for this reason. Sorry about this, a casualty of SU4.

I cant find it in the sim. I did everything correctly.

Svaka čast majstore, sad ću da ga oprobam.

Love it, I hope you will make a clean version for the new Warrior II also.

Great work, can you make a clean original red version also?

same problem here, most recent Dev version won't work.

This answer is not acceptable regarding GDPR. You have no legit reason for the address data you are requesting. This is at least in Europe illegal.


Thanks for sharing, very promising plane.

However in the description you announce it Fully Comptatible with FBW.

But we can't get it to work with, it is not specified with which version of FBW it would be compatible.

I have tried different configurations without success. Could you guide us in a comment or complete the description to make it work with? please?

Thank you very much, cordially


Merci pour le partage, avion très prometteur.

Cependant dans la description vous l'annoncez Fully Comptatible avec FBW.

Mais nous n'arrivons pas a le faire fonctionner avec, il n'est pas précisé avec quelle version de FBW il serait compatible.

J'ai essayé différentes configurations sans succès. Pourriez vous nous guider dans un commentaire ou compléter la description afin de pouvoir le faire fonctionner avec ? s'il vous plait ?

Merci, cordialement

Missing static aircraft texture since last update https://ibb.co/7GtNKQR

Also it crashes when taking off using the SU5 beta, was no issue on previous version of this scenery

A very nice airport with great attention to detail.

However, could you please remove the tall trees from both sides of the runway?..

Saludos, muchas gracias por las calificaciones

Since when is a registration necessary and for what reason???

But what if the file is in an additional folder and the folder is in the archive? Will the program correctly unpack the desired folder?

very good soft. However, when there are gliders, I have airbus 320. Even when changing in modelmatching, I don't have a change of aircraft.

Thanks for your comment.

Sorting as you described should already work that way. First set the grouping with the "Group by" button, then use the "Sort by" button to sort flights in each group.

Merci beaucoup pour ce super addon 😀

A couple of years ago someone under the name 'SAAD' came with a A350, A330neo and A321neo. These add-ons were personal updated models from FlightFactor (X-Plane developer) with their A350, CLS with their A330-200/-300 and Project Airbus's A321 (ceo).

To your question:

CLS never made a A330neo. Only SAAD made one with the data of CLS.

It's a copyright thing. Again...

SAAD released these before they 'disappeared':





Use the Salty mod and Salty compatibility mod. That gives you most of the functionality of Salty including simbrief integration

Belle ouvrage.

Juste un peu dommage que les CHU de Purpan et Rangueil ne soit pas compris dans la scène avec leur ZA.

Thank you so much... a beautiful piece of work. Thank you for sharing. Request a version for the FBW A32X

Awesome! I live 300m from the castle and now my neighbourood in fs2020 is closer to reality 😊

Hi Dwaalicht! Thanks for using BushMissionGen! I can have a look at your input file if you want and see if I experience the same issue. Please send a DropBox/Google Drive link in pm if you want. BR, f99mlu

Just to clarify, if using ORBX, just use that folder only?

Haha thank you! The love for Helicopters and the H135 made me doin' it 😀

The current version is I think my best one, you should check it out 😊

No Worries mate anytime. Thank you for the kind words 😊

Any idea how to toggle the castles on and off in the LNM map? I see Bushtalk Radio's POIs in this but not this one.

Looks very nice!

Can you please add a profile functionality, so we don't have to select/deselect addons one by one, but set groups so lets say I want to fly in France now so I want to enable only French sceneries and disable the rest with only one click.

OH WOW ! I remember the DC8 in this livery at Montreal's airport. Thank you so much for this nice souvenir ! Simply beautiful.

Hey you should apply for the ingame marketplace so we can also get this on Xbox, i'm going to be using both the PC and Xbox Series X to fly but will be missing this a lot on there lol. But this is on such a detailed level that it deserves a place on the ingame market place. I know they are going to let us use it to upload sometime in the future but since you are such a talented scenery maker im sure they love to have you already and since its a free airport the people will love you.

Tu avais raison ! Cela fonctionne maintenant.