Thanks. I am happy with how to take the thumbnail screen shots but what I was saying that in order for it to be exactly the same as how PMDG need it, I would need their specific settings for the camera angles, you know, the x,y and z axis settings.

Super, díky ... ještě ten název a bude to OK 😃

I wondering where do you put the file? in what folder ty very much

Feature Request - Connect first.

Hi! Because of the online networks, it would be great if we could have a Connect first function, when pushback tug would connect and lift the aircraft, but after that we would still be able to plan the pushback, or decide whether it will be manual or pre-planned.

Je to tam, tak zkus a písni 😊

Hi all, Can anyone advise how to turn the volume of the call outs down please? Thank you.

Excelente livery! Gracias por compartir tu trabajo con la comunidad.

Una pregunta... Jetsmart no tiene de estos 320 No? Chile o Argentina?

De ser posible... no se podrá hacer uno?


Stáhnu to, nainstaluju dle tvého postupu a ikdyž zkopíruju jinou liverku a tu přepíšu tvými soubory, tak OK-SWW prostě nemám ve hře. Prostě blbý setup jsi napsal. Nemůžeš udělat PTP soubor, abych to nahrál přes PMDG?

Hi. The puddles appear with rain forecast but the shy frog is hiding from me. A very elusive creature. Does the weather need to be live? Or could there be a problem with my files? I've updated all of the libraries. Cheers. Really enjoyable airstrip.

magnifique merci ,vive le sud ouest 😀

Savoir qu'il existe des gens aussi ingrats que vous, ça dégoute plus que tout, vous vous prenez pour qui exactement?

Finally a good cockpit for the 737 max! The original one is not so good it has lots of silly reflections.

Спасибо большое за вашу работу! Северодонецк и Мариуполь есть в работе?

Where can we get the original link of this livery?

Your setup is bad. I don´t have this livery in my game with 737-700. Another livery is good, but your no.

What a neat spot, like the Couchevel of Lynchburg! Nice customization too.

I do think the elevation changes may need a little refining, as they appear to be more abrupt than they look IRL, at least judging from the LIDAR presentation in Google Maps.

Thanks for the nice scenery.

Hi! Eagerly awaiting a fix for the pink licence plates please.

Or do you know what texture file needs to be replaced so I can do it myself?

Looking forward to flying some BOXER callsigns on VATSIM lol.

Sorry for uploading a broken file as v2.0. Now I have uploaded v3.0. Please make sure you downloaded the one with the original file name too_bright_taxiway_sign_fix(compressed)_KjJm4.zip .

Thanks! Yeah, just need to find the time this week hopefully to do it!

Thanks a lot, dude! That helped me so much 😊

If you're having issues and errors when trying to use the PMDG ops center, check out my detailed post at the PMDG painter's forum.

I am on the PMDG Beta test team and tested the Ops Center. I offered these tips for folks struggling with it.


Also...one of the most important thing to do before trying to export:

You MUST load your livery fully into MSFS at least one time before trying to export it! PMDG/MSFS use this initial load to create the folders and files or you will get errors when trying to export

hello I put the file in my community file but on my fmc I only have the track to choose and not the approaches an idea thank you

Thanks for doing such an awesome Addon!

I'd love to see RyanAir

SDK çok karmaşık bir aracı program ve kolaylıkla 2-3 saatte anlatılabilecek bir çalışma şekline sahip değil ne yazık ki. You tube üzerinde video araştırıp seyretmek başlangıç için en iyi yöntem, ben de o yoldan ilerledim, sonrasında da deneme yanılma şeklinde devam ediyorum.

I'm happy to provide some images if you'd like.

Hallo Stefan, bin auf deinen Beitrag gestoßen. Eine Frage dazu: wird bei dir das LRZ CHR26 korrekt dargestellt? ich habe bei mir leider einen riesig Hangar dort eingeblendet, der die Höhe eines Hochhauses hat. Besten Dank für kurze Rückmeldung. Gruß André

Excellent job done guys. The details and the latest changes at the airport included as well. For example: Rotterdamse Aeroclub, solar panels. Well done..well done..

I'm impressed. What's next? EHAM - Schiphol? That airport is so badly done in MSFS. I see a market for it 😉

Euer neues layout gefällt mir sehr gut. Schön sauber und ansprechend.

ça serait top ! merci beaucoup pour le boulot !

It will also work when the 737-800

comes out aswell as virgin Australia using some of their equipment