Getting "the code execution cannot proceed because python310.dll was not found." - Looks like a simple but nice route generator though

Thanks a lot for this great mod. I have wanted something like this for some time.

Hi Kenco, at first let me thank you for your really good work on that GSX File! I appreciate that!

Are you allready done with the Jetways at T2? Standing today at 226 and after the leg back at 224. Both jetways are to high and you could see the feets of the people walking inside the jetway.

Maybe that info can help ya.



Thanks for working on this, hope you can collaborate with HD.

Unfortunately the plane is basically unusable for me because it zigzags with LNAV trying to catch the path. Seems it is a result of your mod, as without it and just using HD there is no issue. Hope you can fix this as the rest of the mod is great!

all previous versions worked no problem... this one doesnt work, as soon as i click start it just freeezes

just been trying this without success - how do you tell if the lua file is actually running - is it that when the perf button is held you will get a pop up box? (is there any other way in the FUSIP7 software to check?)

Reserve me a seat, I hope they will sing "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" 😉

Livery looks great thanks. I love the Air UK Routes too and would love to see the 146-200 version to complete the set

Sorted this issue for anyone else having the same problem, you have to click on 'home' in the reshade options & make sure the FinalLight_v1.4 option is selected as mine was defaulted to the v1.3 option.

Thank for reporting this problem. Just to clarify: do you loose all the services (marshaller, pushback...) on all platforms all around the world as soon as my LFPN scenery is active OR do you loose it only at LFPN when LFPN is active?

interesting, thx. (original Latin liveries are terrible, full white lines on textures). It will be nice if u will make next real liveries 😊

Hmm....something is not working, installed the new folder where it suppose to be, selected the shaders and textures folder, pressed the reload button but nothing happens. The star button on numpad does nothing....

Thanks for the photogrammetry! Buildings look good, FPS is also ok, but unfortunately the colors should be adjusted to the surrounding scenery if at all possible.

Thank you so much for doing this first Air 2000 livery it looks really great and it great to add it along next to your Air 2000 tapestry livery and the two Air 2000 Hybrid First choice inhouse liveries what came with Fenix Simulations. find it odd Fenix Simulations didn't include this livery and the tapestry livery as they was the first two liveries of Air 2000. but thankfully we got skilled and talented painters on here to paint these liveries for the Flight Simulator community. Thank you very much it great it brings back nice memories of flying with them. Great Job

Brilliant program - Thank you!

Since updating from version 0.0.19, I am struggling to get the distance parameters to work as previously, whether inputting max or max + min distances. Is this a problem with my installation or a temporary unintended consequence of the most recent update?

Thanks again for a great program!

Tip of the Day: The FUEL switch on the center console, which is labeled NORMAL / EMERGENCY, actually switches between the LEFT and RIGHT fuel tank. The fuel system on the actual aircraft will automatically transfer fuel from the Right tank (AUX) to the Left tank (MAIN) when the switch is in the EMERGENCY position, but this fuel transfer is not currently modelled in this aircraft. The switch simply selects the LEFT or RIGHT tank to supply fuel to the engine, as it does on most other aircraft.

I find a bug in this wonderful scenery. After I installed the last update I found out that the Airport Service in MSFS2020 doesn't work properly. No marshals on the platform, no pushback truck, no bagage, no catering etc. After searching I find out that your scenery is the reason why Airport Service in MSFS2020 doesn't work properly. After I moved your scenery out of the Community folder everything works fine. Kindly regards Co

same here, i followed the instructions and the folder paths are correct...

Been using this reshade for a while with no issues, with this latest version when following all the instructions & ensuring the texture/shaders paths are correct, when selecting 'Apply LUT' the screen goes black, when looking into the 'Preprocessor definitions' the LUT_FILE_NAME is selecting 'lut.png' despite 'FL-LUT-13.png' being in my current texture folder, any ideas?

Это логично. Херсон теперь - Россия, как и в дни его основания

AMAZING repaint! Congratulations and thank you very much!!!

This happened to me in one of the previous versions. The latest update seemed to fix that, but now MSFS started crashing, so.... I'm not happy. :-/ I don't recall having any problems whatsoever up until 5.1.0.


As far as the windows go that sucks, I wish PMDG can address this in an update...anyway, thanks for this great livery and the info!

I'm having MSFS crashes with the latest version of map enhancement. 😞 Google Map server 1.

They weren't happening before the update.

They seem somewhat random.

The first crash happened while i was still setting up FPL in FMS while sitting at parking apron, the second time shortly after departure from DTTA, during the climb. I had the app on the secondary monitor, and it seemed running fine, the tiles were being downloaded fast enough, they were displayed correctly and the app itself did not crash, only MSFS did.

Before installing the latest update, i did a few flights with default scenery, without the app, because one of the previous versions had that "detailed tiles visible only in the area directly under the plane" problem, so i wanted to wait for an update.

Before i started using the app again, i deleted the rolling cache, disabled it, quitted MSFS, started the app, restarted MSFS, and re-enabled the cache again, so i'm not sure what causes these CTDs.

This is of course superb, coming from Ron. N950CA was the "most downloaded livery" for the A2A Bonanza V35B, so it is terrific to have Ron paint the (notoriously-difficult-to-paint) Carenado version for MFS. Thanks much.

any chance to get the Plassenburg put into that szenery?

hi, the missing files from 25 to 35 are in the second rar file (monaco-02) , you have two rar (zip) files to download, plz feedback

I'm not able to reproduct this issue, but I do see that the last MSFS update added an autogen house over the cabin now. I'll push out an update soon for that and some other changes.

Your issue just sounds like a loading fluke. Have you tried to see if a reload fixes it? If not, all I can currently suggest is to wait and see if the next update corrects it.

Just a data-point for ya regarding VR functionality...

I'm not seeing any changes while in VR. However, I DO see the change in the mirrored image on the desktop monitor - just not in the headset. I'm using a Pimax 8KX headset with OpenComposite and PimaxVR instead of SteamVR. I'm not using OpenXR Toolkit anymore either. Tks!

Nice livery! Please do Etihad and Gulf Air please! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for creating and sharing this livery. I just had an amazing flight from EDDN to LOWL.

However, I noticed something during the flight that has nothing directly to do with the livery. The dash at the registration is missing in the cockpit. Furthermore GlobeAir has the callsign "DREAM TEAM" according to Wikipedia.

The following entries in the Aircraft.cfg would have to be changed from my point of view:

icao_airline="DREAM TEAM"


atc_flight_number="2G" (fictional flight number; this entry does not necessarily have to be changed)

But this is not so important, if you ever release an update you could consider this.

I installed reshade and followed instructions as per video. In msfs , I get reshade menu by pressing home key. when I select Apply LUT ( LUTTools.fx) and press *, the msfs screen goes black.

That looks amazing! Thank you so much! Only thing that would be nice to get fixed is that just underneath the airport i have a big gap in the 3d houses in Bindlach just infront of the 06. It might have something to do with the 3rd party airport from M´M but maybe you can make it work. Cheers!

If you open the AIG AI Manager app (AIGAIM) you can see a list of all the flightplans available and also all the flightplan files you currently have downloaded and installed. Most of the AIG flightplans cover just the last few years so that they provide realistic and generally up to date flights. AIG are regularly updating all flightplans to the current year 2022. AIG have never provided nostalgic flighplans for long defunct airlines and airports.

Thank you for your quick response. Your Hudbar will continue to be my must-have accessory. Have a great day.