Very nice work! Thanks a lot.

One question: I had CTD 3 times in a row, always when taxiing, at the moment of entering the runway. Each time in exactly the same spot. Seems to be some kind of incompatability (either with my setup or in your scenery). I usually do not have any CTD since WU6.


I was wondering if you'd be so kind and write a short guide on how do you place static aircrafts? Whatever I do I just can't seem to be able to place any static crafts on the airports I'm trying to modify :/

I saw it in repaint requests that its pending. I will think about it after releasing next days F-AZJU and later Milka HB-HOS.

Any chance of getting this scenery with less libraries at some point? Thanks!

As I said. Excellent app. But, in NAV mode the CDI green needle doesn't show up (the part that moves sideways). Am I doing something wrong or is it a known issue?

i love it, but please don't rename the folder inside the zip file. Many will have several versions in community if they don't realize this

Hello how to return to the default value of Bing Map

Thank you for your comment

-         I will change the folder name by next update

-         Yes, the down position is always off

-         The mixture lever moves backwards in this plane

-         Ufo lights this switch is a circuit braker it must be on to turn on the uv lights

-         That is the ADF radio, it is also currently broken(the left one works) but, will be fixed by Friday

-         this plane had different lighting systems originally but headlight and landing light are basically the same (I’ve been meaning to ask someone I know, who works on the an-2 about the correct lighting)

-         Yes, the start master switch must be on before #7 can work the text: Clutch is there because the real plane has an inertial starter, which is currently not simulated so you just have to press the button to start

-         In the real plane you could switch between the gauge showing different cylinders, but MSFS does not simulate cylinder temperatures separately

-         That gauge is the outside air temp. and it is currently broken, but I’ll be sure to fix it

-         That is a radio compass the two needles should show adf stations directions separately

-         That is because you have to use your mouse wheel for multiposition switches

-         You can switch off the headlamp (check out your keyboard settings see how to do that)

-         The three lights indicate neutral trim, the switch is the elevator trim

-         Gps will have a hide switch

-         I have updated the discord login

I hope this helps

Another bug I noticed is that the APU Gen is not working correctly. It doesn't power up the screens and systems. Only external power that. Disconnecting the Ext Pwr (for example then beginning Pushback) makes you lose all systems unless you start the engines before that.

can you put Bruce Dickinson in the cockpit LOL

mother of all relevant comments right above...

its not a bug or anything you can currently do about it, seems to be from the developer

The United States, Europe, and Hong Kong were very harmonious, but

In many areas inland of Korea, trees are not autogened.

Also, the color of Google data is too different from the basic object color of msfs.

In other words, the overall rendering is unnatural. It seems that the green color correction filter is missing.

Bonjour, il ya 2 fichiers,le cvt = texture des véhicule au sol...bref, le lien correspond au fichier original avec le nom de l’éditeur.

Dank deiner Szenerien macht das Fliegen in meiner Heimatregion im MSFS jetzt richtig Spaß! Kenne die meisten Plätze real und bin begeistert, tausend Dank!

I just uploaded a YouTube video "MSFS Laos" C208B in Air America livery and credited the livery to you at the end. It's just for fun and non-monetized but thought you might like to check it out.

Jaki folder musze wkleić do folderu community?

Sounds like a plan. You're in charge of giving me an exact google map reference and a heading.

I just uploaded a YouTube video "MSFS Laos" C208B in Air America livery and credited the scenery of the Lima strips to you at the end. It's just for fun and non-monetized but thought you might like to check it out.

Ich finde die Map auf den ersten Blick echt schön. Meine Frage, ist die MHH hinzugefügt worden oder ist das noch in Planung?

Nice scenery of the white town !

LYBE Airport would be very nice too 😊

This version says drag and drop but don't see the plane at all. I drag and dropped to the community folder. I have the model and that works fine but the livery doesn't show up. There's no panel or model when loading this livery. What am I doing wrong?

bonjour, il y a bien deux fichiers LFOE dont un ..CVT ?


PS c'est quoi le lien de 2020 BRED ?

  1. In Windows Settings search for "UAC" or "User account control settings"; What is you security level? I am not sure, but if I remember correct it should be on "Never Notify".
  2. Check Windows Settings "Add Remove Programs" for "MFS" to see if there is more then one instance of the Collector installed. If so, remove all instances and reinstall.
  3. For auto update to occur you need to restart the app, wait 2-3 minutes, then restart again and the app would be updated - you should see the release # on the title changes.

For the users who appreciate this application, I inform you that I will soon put online a new Head-Up Vision Module application (with artificial horizon and all the information such as altitude, VS, Radio-Altimeter, geographical coordinates etc ...). It is finalized remains to finalize the documentation. See you soon, I hope

that is almost exactly what i have already 😋 so close yet so far from the clb indent

Sorry mm didnt see it. "Obviously" I didnt realise......... Made change to my description.

Please give me your location (lat and lon), also if you can give me a screenshot (before and after) that would be best.

Hi sorry for not seeing this till now. You can definitely pm me!

If I'm reading your reply correctly, I'm not asking for an automatic trim. Instead, I have a physical trim wheel on my HOTAS controller that I use to manually adjust the elevator trim of the sailplane. Unfortunately, due to the physical potentiometer inside the trim wheel, the value sent to the game constantly jiggles a bit up and down (58-57-58-57-58 etc...) Due to that constant value switching, the sailplane's MDF that shows Trim/Compass/Ballast thinks that I've changed the elevator trim on purpose and constantly auto-switches the display to back 'Trim'.

So, in my first comment, I was asking if you could add an option to disable the auto-switching of the MDF display so that it won't keep switching the display back to 'Trim'

In any case, like I said, great job on the sailplane! It's a blast!

LOWL Linz freeware and Lanzen for 10,66... good luck!

No problem, that's what i use , yes you can

Much obliged for your encouraging comment. Let me know what you think of the sopwith triplane

Hello every one please redownload the 5.0 version because I’ve fixed some missing textures thanks

Merci je vais voir ceci au plus vite.

Bon vol