Experience torrential tropical storms, harsh hurricanes and brutal blizzards all with the click of a button thanks to Weather Preset Pro. Weather Preset Pro goes beyond what is possible with the built-in tools to provide 60 brand-new weather presets to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Weather Preset Pro is the perfect way to try out challenging conditions anywhere in the world. Land at difficult airports in zero visibility or test our your skills with gusty winds sweeping your aircraft from side-to-side. Content creators will be able to also quickly jump between stunning clear skies to towering storms for those incredible cinematic shots.

So whether you’re looking to experience the crisp morning dew air or battle through terrifying sandstorms, Weather Preset Pro will enable you to let your imagination run wild.

  • 70 presets covering a range of exciting weather types
  • Custom made presets that go beyond the built-in system
  • Create exciting scenes directly in the simulator without the need for an additional UI
  • Simple installation using a dynamic installer
  • A 20-page manual covering all variations and an introduction to METARs


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • PDF Reader for the manual


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November 04, 2021

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1.30 from January 25, 2022

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Drag and Drop

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PC Xbox

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  • Version 1.30 January 25, 2022

    NEW - Install into the Community Folder
    New - 10 New Presets Added:

    Epic Clouds 1
    Epic Clouds 2
    Epic High Level Clouds
    Epic Low Level Clouds
    Epic Overcast
    Epic Rolling Clouds
    Epic Snow Clouds
    Epic Storm Clouds
    Epic Ultra High Level Clouds
    Epic Waves

  • Lanzado December 09, 2021

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  • 1 año ya disfrutando de wpp

Hi, I bought it on Orbx and is still at 1.20.0 ... is it coming soon at 1.30 ?



22 day(s) ago / Agradecido por SoFly

very nice presets, definitely worth it, it seems to be more than you could do with just the controls of the msfs weather dialog, or is that just me



26 day(s) ago / Agradecido por SoFly

Are these weathers only available through presets or are they also included in the dynamic weather while flying? As in, if a sandstorm is flying in the nozzles of the camels around Dubai, will it dynamically provide a sandstorm weather in the area? I don't think so, from your description, but it would be nice to be sure of it 😊 Great work nonetheless, they look incredible!



29 day(s) ago / Agradecido por SoFly

Wooow onle Woow i dont have meny money to buy it but it is a Big Work and nice Kreator



1 month(s) ago / Agradecido por SoFly

Amazing work would suggest it to anyone, first I hesitated to buy it from comments on youtube but this thing is amazing worth every penny



1 month(s) ago / Agradecido por SoFly

I love the presets, the simulator presets don't really give you much thought and you only get a few options, but with this amazing addon, you get so much variability, which makes the simulator so much more realistic. It's small things like these that make the simulator like real life.



1 month(s) ago / Agradecido por SoFly

Excellent presets, I'm very happy with them.

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