The Discus-2c is a single-seat, high-performance sailplane by German glider manufacturer Schempp-Hirth. The sailplane also comes in a front electric sustainer version (FES). The Discus-2c features composite construction, advanced flight control surfaces for precise control, and a state-of-the-art wing design that maximizes glide performance and aerodynamic efficiency. The 18 meter version has a 28.5 aspect ratio and each version has a top speed of 174 miles per hour. One of the most advanced soaring craft ever developed, the incredible Discus-2c allows aviators to master the heights in the purest form of flight. Stay aloft in the mountains by riding ridge lift, circle into a cloud base on thermals, or just glide along silently on laminar air. The Discus-2c allows aviators to become one with the sky.

  • BEFORE installation, please delete any Discus-2c or Discus-2b Freeware Packages!
  • Locate your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder.
  • You need to locate and open the folder named "Community." 
  • Copy the "gotfriends-discus2c-premium" folder you just extracted to the Community folder.
  • Read the included Flight Manual for an in-depth look into all the aircraft features.
  • Start the game and your Discus-2c and Discus2c FES will be sitting in your hanger ready to fly!
  • NEED HELP? Follow this Tutorial.


This Add-On has been in development for over a year. Our team has spent thousands of hours trying to bring the most realistic glider simulation to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Asobo has announced Official Support for Gliders and some of our experimental features may be removed or become obsolete once official support is released. Please stay patient with our team if you experience any issues during your flights. We promise to continue converting this project as more official gliding features are released. & Official Microsoft Marketplace Release (Features):
  • Discus-2c (Original) Variant
  • Discus-2c (FES) Motor Variant
  • Custom LX-Navigation and GPS-Navigation Display
  • Built-In Winch Launch and Launch Vehicle System
  • Built-In Towplane Connectivity to Multiplayer Aircraft
  • 4 Included Thermal Activated Weather Presets
  • 4 Base + 6 Premium Liveries
  • Custom FES Motor Control Unit with Realistic Thermal Dynamics
  • Realistic Flight Model and Polar Curve
  • Custom V8 Variometer with Customization, Sounds, Netto/Total Modes, and MacCready Adjustment
  • 8k/4k Texture Sets with High Quality 3D Modeling
  • Cockpit Customization "On-The-Fly" including Canopy Tints
  • Ballast Dump Management System
  • Ballast Dump Effects, Vortices Effects, and Landing Effects
  • In-Game Checklists and Tooltips
  • Interactive Oxygen Tank System
  • Custom High Quality Sounds
  • Included Wing Wheels and Optional Navigation Lights
  • Yawstring with Custom Animations
  • Included Got Friends Glider Club Airfield
  • Full Kinetic Assistant Compatibility
  • Full XCSoar Compatibility

  • Jonx: XML Coding, Navigation HTML Modifications & Weather Presets
  • Got Gravel: Flight Model, Winch Launch HTML, FCU HTML and V8 Variomenter HTML
  • twoseventyinc: Liveries, Launch Vehicle Textures, and Material Effects
  • MyKrode: Full 3D Modeling (Standard Discus-2c, FES Discus-2c, and Launch Vehicle)
  • GurtTractor: Custom Sound Design and Professionally Recorded Elements
  • Touching Cloud: Winch Launch Visual Elements, FLARM System, Towplane System, and Supporting Code
  • Ian Lewis (B-21): Supporting HTML and Supporting XML Coding
  • Flying Hedgehog: Got Friends Glider Club Scenery (Airfield) (ICAO: GTFD)
  • JackBilbo: Navigation Modifications (Discus-2c/DG808S NavMod)
  • Asobo/Microsoft: General Assets & SDK




Before installing the Discus-2c Premium Package, please uninstall any Discus-2c or Discus-2b Freeware Packages from your community folder. These mods are designed to have Multiplayer Model Matching and will conflict with each other if installed at the same time.


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