If you travel in California with your General Aviation plane and want to visit the famous Yosemite National Park, here's the closest airport for you: Mariposa-Yosemite Airport (KMPI). Mariposa-Yosemite Airport is located in west central Mariposa County, California. The airport is approximately 70 miles northeast of Fresno, 37 miles east of Merced and only 18 miles southwest of Yosemite National Park. The airport lies along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada foothills at 2,250 feet.


  • Fix and enhance elevation of the whole airport and the surroundings
  • Hard work blending all revised new airport textures with the underlying satellite images
  • Handmade runway markings
  • Fences around the airport
  • No 3rd party library installation is required except free Microsoft World Updates. See requirements below.
  • Fix the 2-light PAPI on both runways and fix glide path (4° on 8 and 4.5° on 26)
  • Fix windsock position
  • Fix and clean extra vegetation
  • Enhance roads in direct view of final approach path
  • (WIP) Remove all fake and very unreal default taxiway signs. If you know how taxiway name are layed out, drop me a message and I'll fix them. 

How to install? Unzip the downloaded file into your Community folder. Keep the overall structure. Once installed go to KMPI via the World Map as usual, the scenery replaces the existing default one.

More info for pilots

No ATC on the field. CTAF on 122.7. Only one runway 8-28, elevation 2,250 MSL, 3,305 feet long by 60 feet wide. 100LL and Jet-A fuel is available. Mountains to north of both runways. On runway 8: 45 ft. tree, 1340 ft. from runway, 130 ft. right of centerline, 25:1 slope to clear and terrain drops along both sides of taxiway 45 feet from runway edge. On runway 26: 29 ft. tree, 762 ft. from runway, 83 ft. left of centerline, 20:1 slope to clear.


I noticed that on my configuration that REX Accuseason raises up trees size too high on final approach path 23. My scenery works with the default trees and with Accuseason set to "Short Height" in Vegetation height of Options.


  • The Sedona scenery (free included in standard MSFS, check in your Content Manager)
  • World Update USA II and X
  • World Update XI Canada
  • LFLJ Courchevel stocked by Asobo/Microsoft free from the MarketPlace only for a single (minor) object
  • No 

Special thanks

A huge thank you to Windhover (https://flightsim.to/profile/Windhover) who share his Open Hangar Library. But no need for you to install anything extra. Just a BIG THANK YOU. A second THANK YOU to Helijah (Emmanuel Balanger) that freely share low poly static aircraft GLTF models, initially developped for Flight Gear, the freeware sim. It helps replacing the default static and make more this scenery a little piece of unique experience (hopefully). Hope you enjoy!

Author's final note

As for all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from a pilot-eyes perspective. The scenery is inspired by aerial views from Bing and Google maps. It's a mix between the satellite imagery displayed from MSFS and more accurate data found on Internet. I did my best, based on online videos and pictures freely available. It uses also a lot of stocked object as my skill in 3D buildings creation is very limited. If you have local pictures to help being more accurate, please let me know!