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AIGround is a MSFS simconnect utility designed to improve AI taxi characteristics. AIGround: (1) holds the AI stationary on the tarmac after pushback for a more realistic amount of time, (2) perform control surface checks as they begin their taxi out, (3) increase or...

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AIGround is a MSFS simconnect utility designed to improve AI taxi characteristics at the airport the user’s aircraft is located at.  

AIGround holds the AI stationary on the tarmac after pushback for a more realistic amount of time before the AI begins its taxi out.  

The AI will also perform control surface checks as they begin their taxi out (if control surface animations are supported by the AI model in use).

AIGround can also optionally increase or decrease the AI’s taxi speed.  

AIGround also prevents the AI from spinning while stationary at the threshold (a bug of the native AI control program).

The user can also optionally reduce or extend the AI landing and takeoff ground rolls.  

AIGround enforces better spacing between the user's aircraft and AI (both aircraft and ground vehicles) when the user is performing a taxi-out or taxi-in.  AIGround does this by commanding the AI to temporarily stop in situations that the normal MSFS AI control program would miss.

When the user’s parking brake is engaged, taxi incursion detection for AI aircraft is disabled because the user has signaled an intention to stop the aircraft’s movement longer term (e.g., the user’s aircraft is parked at the gate) (e.g., the user is holding short indefinitely at a hold short line). When the user’s taxi lights are OFF, taxi incursion detection for AI ground vehicles is disabled because the user has signaled an intention to not taxi so that ground service vehicles can closely approach the user’s aircraft to provide service (baggage, gpu, push-back vehicles, etc).  Note however regardless as to whether user-AI separation is disabled, the native MSFS AI taxi control program may continue to stop AI independently of AIGround.

However, in situations where the user might want stopped AI to continue its taxi (e.g., giving way an intersection) (e.g., moving a backed up line of AI), the user can flash the landing lights or strobes (on certain aircraft flashing the strobes is much easier) off-on-off as a signal to the AI to continue the taxi.  Note however that the native MSFS AI taxi control program may continue to stop AI independently of AIGround.

The user can also ZAP (remove) AI traffic (both aircraft and ground vehicles) that has become stationary (stuck) and is blocking the user’s path by turning the landing lights on, then flashing the strobes off-on-off.  

AIGround does not require a configuration file to run, however the configuration file AIGround.ini is included, which contains several parameters that the user may change to suit personal preferences.

AIGround is designed to compliment the default MSFS AI program and thus is fully compatible with it.  Thus, AIGround is compatible with any AI-related program that places AI mostly under control of the default AI program (SU11), such as MSFS live traffic, MSFS off-line traffic and external AI injection programs that mostly rely upon the default AI program after injection.   

AIGround operates externally via simconnect and thus makes NO changes to the MSFS sim. 

See the included readme.txt and readme.pdf for additional details.

AIGround AIFlow SimConnect Traffic
Sim Update 11
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October 26, 2022
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10 day(s) ago — 2.0.7



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So first off, want to thank you for a great set of utilities (this and AIFlow). I just had one of the best AI only plane spotting experiences at LAX using FSLTL, AIFlow and AIGround. I did tweak the landing and takeoff rollouts a bit to something that looked more realistic, but even with heavy traffic the combo of tools seemed to handle it pretty well. Still getting more unexplained go-arounds (as in i couldnt see an obvious reason when the sim sent a nearly landed plane away), but much reduced from default.

That said, there is one interesting issue that came up, which you may or may not have any control over I suspect. At LAX there are two sets of parallel runways, north and south with the gates in between both of them. Typically planes takeoff from the runways closest to the gates (24L and 25R respectively), and land on the "outer" runways (24R and 25L). I have inibuilds LAX which might be part why I was pleasantly surprised to see this be the behavior the sim actually followed. The issue is that when planes land they have to cut across the active runways where the takeoffs are occurring to get to their gate. When there are a bunch of planes taking off, this results in a fairly long waiting period for the recently landed planes sitting on the taxiways in between. It would be great if somehow the sim would periodically hold back a takeoff of two during the long queues to let these waiting planes cross their active runway. I have a feeling that would fall squarely under Asobo's control? Just asking in case there is anything your wonderful tool could do in this regard?

Hi Just a quick question when i have noticed sometimes when i am sat a the gates waiting to depart other aircraft spawn in on other gates they will push back then dissapear before they taxi have is there something in the settings i need to do to stop this as when i turn AI ground off they seem to push back and taxi out ok

Been using since P3Dv4 version launched. Irreplaceable when using any sort of AI and you get the hang of the ini options. Thank you!

Thank you for an excellent mod for the MSFS AI system. There is one thing I have noticed that I would ask that you look at. When the AI aircraft taxi onto the stand they initially approach at a moderate speed, then suddenly speed up to the stop position, sometimes overshooting the correct position. Would it be possible to have a slower approach to the stop? The default MSFS system has the aircraft taxiing slowly to the stand stop position.

For the users having issues with user-AI ground vehicle separation impacting services while parked (e.g., GSX, push-back addons, etc), please test this hotfix.

The fix is that user-AI ground vehicle separation will only become active when the user turns on their aircraft's taxi lights (indicating an intention to taxi and that all ground service vehicles have completed their tasks).

Please report back to me, I would like to get this update uploaded soon as this is appears to be a usability issue affecting a chunk of users. Thanks!



10 day(s) ago / Agradecido por ClipperOS

When used, it interferes with GSX Pro and partially interferes with the ground worker's animation.

As far as we can tell, it cancels all animations until the ground worker with the bypass pin that spawns when pushback is requested reaches the nose gear.



10 day(s) ago / Agradecido por ClipperOS

AI vehicle code stops ground services, tug fuel truck ect wont be able to connect to the player. Had to turn it off.

Anyone uses AIGround and/or AIFlow with FShud ? Are there any conflicts ? Do they play nice with each other ?

Well done with both AIGround and AIFlow, your utilities seem to have sorted out all of the bunched-up aircraft, thus making all AI traffic more real when they are taxing, departing, and arriving. I haven't seen any recent GoArounds.

Hi, are there any updates planned for SU11?

Thank you for your great tool. I have installed AIground v2.04 and FSLTL 1.2.1 in MSFS SU11 WU11. Now I've two issues when running "AIground" and "fsltl-traffic-injector" in parallel, at various airports stock or 3rd party, like EGLL, EGCC, KBOS, CYYZ:

  • Aircraft stick to the runways on take-off, they run in the direction of the RWY to infinity
  • at EGLL at RWY09R aircraft cleared for take-off at "hold short node" seem to loose connection to the"nodes of the taxiway" and creep to south west across the water

The taxi behaviour works better than default - also after landing - according to the configuration settings of "AIground.ini".

I did that with default settings and a little tweaking in "AIground.ini" to accelerate movements during taxi (max. 22kts limitation on taxiways, 40kts on runways after landing).

My hope was to have faster AI-traffic movements on the ground, after landing and on taxiways, this works ok, but "take-off" with "FSLTL" running at the same time does not work.

When running "FSLTL" without "AIground" take-off" is no issue.

Is there a possibilty to check compatibility to "FSLTL"? Maybe there are side effects with "FSLTL", e.g. the removal of aircraft sticking at "runway nodes" for, e.g. >120seconds.

Do you have any blog or forum where one can follow your development and process for AIGround/AIFlow?

Would be really interesting to see what you are up to!

Hi there, thanks for fantastic addons. However, the AI aircraft did not take off, just slide on the grass besides the runway. How to fix this?

If you use addon linker you can add both airflowe (exefile) and air ground (exefile) to tools-options -additionals options, link exe file in there.

All looks good with the AI ground new hotfix ....landings are great now without changing the ini file , the only last thing which would make it superb is that when the aircraft are at stand thet rotate about 45 degrees after a short while , hopefully this can be fixed then it will be excellent , keep up the great work



3 month(s) ago / Agradecido por ClipperOS

slight correction it did it with the first landig and arrival at gate but the next six were all ok. Well done and many thanks for your time spent to date.

great addon but even with latest update they still hit the gate at 45' and start to slowly spin round. But keep up the good work as it does the trick with everything else.

Although it is good that aircraft do not stop when transitioning from rollout to taxiing speed, I prefer the previous version where I could extend the rollout to just ahead of the taxiway turnoff before the plane slows to taxi speed using AILANDINGTARGETTIME.

Now when I set AILANDINGTARGETTIME to anything above 0 as soon as aircraft exit the runway they charge off like an enraged rhino across the airport running through buildings etc and heading off cross country to the horizon.

Good work on this.

My only two issues are that the aircraft come to a dramatic stop on rollout too soon and then continue, although with your ini fix they do depart the runway quicker which is great.

The other thing is which has been mentioned and I know you are looking into is that they taxi to stand a bit fast and start to spin at gate , if these issuess are fixed then it wil be perfect.

"To start AIGround automaƟcally when MSFS starts, add an entry for AIGround to the MSFS exe.xml file at:


The only xml file I see there is the SimConnect.xml. No exe.xml. Even if there were one I wouldn't know what to add. Can anyone enlighten me?

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Sugerencias, errores e ideas para el futuro.

  • Version 2.0.7 January 28, 2023

    (1) user-AI ground vehicle separation is disabled when the user turns OFF their taxi lights, which signals an intention to not taxi so that ground service vehicles can closely approach the user’s aircraft to provide service (baggage, gpu, push-back vehicles, GSX-addons, etc). As before in earlier versions, user-AI aircraft ground separation is disabled when the user engages their parking brakes.

  • Version 2.0.6 January 27, 2023

    (1) fixed blank system tray icon.
    (2) fixed user inadvertently freezing output console causing program to freeze (this was fixed a while ago, but accidentally re-introduced into 2.0.5 ironically while working on thread improvements).
    (3) improved efficiency of simconnect calls.

  • Version 2.0.5 January 24, 2023

    (1) user aircraft-AI spacing enforcement (and traffic zapper) now apply to both AI aircraft and AI ground vehicles (default).
    (2) AIGround now remains active when user in air, but below 2000 ft AGL (default) to help when AI is PRECEDING the user’s aircraft on final approach (the AI can complete its rollout & vacates quickly under control of AIGround).
    (3) added option to disable fast AI turns off runway after landing (in cases where AI is overshooting taxiway while vacating).
    (4) fixed prop AI not vacating runway (disabled high speed exit for props for now due to nose wheel skid issue).
    (5) added system tray icon options.
    (6) .ini read after file changes saved (i.e., periodic read deprecated).
    (7) fixed AIPUSHBACKHOLDTIME=0 (i.e., disabled) causing AIGround crash.
    (8) fixed occasional output console freeze.
    (9) fixed occasional AIGround crashes and various code optimizations.

  • Version 2.0.4 November 10, 2022


    (1) added AI high speed runway taxi after the landing rollout (default 40 kts). Helps get the AI off the runway quickly after landing, see AITaxiSpeedOnRunwayAfterLanding in readme.;
    (2) changed default landing and takeoff rollout times to 5 and 14 seconds respectively (enabled) to better support the new fast runway taxi feature and to support faster AI runway operations generally at busier airports;
    (3) added auto-removal of AI that had has stopped taxiing for a specified period of time, see AIZapAutoTime in readme;
    (4) fixed AI vacating the runway too quickly while turning.

  • Version 2.0.3 November 05, 2022

    2.0.3: (1) fixed AI landing rollout sudden stop; (2) tweaked taxi algorithm to reduce occasional spinning at gate; (3) fixed frozen console (e.g., user scrolling through console) sometimes stalling program, increased console output efficiency and added succinct mode (verbose=0) eliminating AI status messages.

  • Version 2.0.2 November 02, 2022

    2.0.2: fixed thread issue that occasionally caused AIGround to crash by itself (AIGround would end, but NO sim CTD).

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