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Version 1.0.3
Lanzamiento inicial November 08, 2021
Última actualización December 06, 2021
Tamaño del archivo 209.98 MB
Downloads 4,375
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General Aviation
#Experimental Drag and Drop


5,003 | VI First Officer

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  • Version 1.0.3 December 06, 2021

    - improve 3D model
    - improve Ambient Occlusion
    - extend UV-Map RV-7A
    - adjust flight performance
    - add RV-7A
    - add new livery

  • Version 1.0.2 November 30, 2021

    Small update
    - improve canopy 3D model
    - improve fuselage Ambient Occlusion
    - extend UV-Map for upcoming RV-7 variant
    - adjust flight performance

  • Version 1.0.1 November 24, 2021

    - improve 3D model
    - update Ambient Occlusion
    - update Windshield texture
    - remove Gear Warning
    - exchange UV-Map
    - exchange Props color
    - adjust flight performance
    - add Wing Rivets
    - add Trim indicator
    - add Interior details
    - add new blue Livery
    - add Livery template

  • Lanzado November 08, 2021

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100 Comentarios

Hello, you made the Vans 7 beautiful, but I have a request: Wouldn't it be possible to make a version with classic instruments as well? I think more people would appreciate it. Thank you and I look forward to your work.

Wonderful aircraft with the new 7A update! Unfortunately I can't seem to get the engine to start. I have to load the flight from the runway start so the engine will be running already.

Impressive work on this little plane. Very fun to fly. Thank you very much.

Wow what a nice looking bird and big fun to fly. There is just one thing to say: This is not e constantspeed prop at the moment. The behaviour now is something in between the two realworld version of adjustable props there are. A constantspeed prop should keep the RPM as long as there is enough power coming from the engine. This happens via a governor. So if in flight I set a desired MP and RPM and adjust the fuelflow according EGT, CHT and so on. And as long as I stay within certain limits RPM stays the same. Here it changes pretty uncommon. Maybe you want to look a bit deeper into that. But again: fantastiv work!! Congratulations! And if you are looking forward to an other project: RV-10 with 2 G3X touch and a GTN650/750-combo would be THE best!!

Excellent Modeling and nice flight performance.

Not experiencing any of the other mentioned issues on my system. Might want to check and make sure all of the new pilot assist options are turned off. Personally love the extra power, as I don’t have to add it myself. Real World Pilots spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their aircraft to get extra power, speed and increased Climb Performance… Just take a look at Miker Pate, or many of the KitFox and Cub Crafters options! Love the Update Much, Much, Appreciated Improvements!

  1. I noticed that if you pull the blue control out (prop pitch?} the engine slows down just as if the propeller pitch was significantly increased. I thought the prop modeled was a fixed pitch prop? Or at least a modeled prop which wouldn't have an active prop pitch lever.
  2. If you have a so called "hat switch" which controls cockpit views, I noticed that the left and back view defaults to the left wing view. When flying VFR and looking back over your left shoulder to determine when to start your base leg, it's convenient to have the Cockpit Camera ->Cockpit Quick View 120 LEFT working. The cockpit Quickview 45 Left and 45 Right and the Quckview 120 Right all seem to have non-standard defaults.
  3. Finally if your auto pilot senses a turn, it will wing over at 90 degrees, lose lift, and head for the ground. At least that's my experience.

Your work on this model is appreciated. Yet another excellent aircraft that is non-Absobo. Thank you!



2 day(s) ago / Agradecido por deejing

This has has very quickly become one of my favourite GA aircraft to fly, it's an absolute belter! Thank you for your hard work in bringing this little gem to the simming community, very much appreciated.

Two things:

1) Any chance you can implement an opening canopy? That would look so cool!

2) The fuel selector has a weird issue. Same issue if you use the mouse wheel or click. At startup, if the switch is "off", pulling the mouse wheel down does nothing. Pushing the mouse wheel up turns it to "right". Pushing the mouse wheel up again turns it to "off" again. After that it appears to work normally. There is just this one hiccup when you first interact with the selector.

Loved the 7, now really loving the 7A, wish I could give it another 5 stars. It's nice not having to worry about face-planting when using the brakes.

Both the 7 and 7A have a LOT of power and accelerate almost too much. Is that correct for this plane and powerplant? I'm also able to climb at 3000ft/m at 140 knots. That's pretty crazy. Again, is that legit?

Looks great and it is fun to fly!!!

The G1000 buttons are all blank with no labels until the battery is turned on. This only happens with the rv-7. Hope you can fix it, and great work so far

This is a very bad ass first go at an awesome plane!!

Flies well and looks great too,scary fast for me but thanks for the flaps (my saviour)

This is awesome! Super fun to fly! Great job.

Payware quality!!!!

Very nice airplane! Payware quality for sure... My only issue right now is that at higher speeds the control authority tightens up way to much. Still don't deduct from the quality at all though!

Nice VANs! Do you plan a 7A as well?



8 day(s) ago / Agradecido por deejing

Seriously, you made a Van's.......

thank you very much!

Donation inbound!

I was just looking at performance specs for the RV-7 on the Van's website. What HP is the flight model most closely aligned with? 160/180/200? The CAP 10 has a 180HP engine, so is that what you are going for?

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