MSFS2020 DeHavilland Dash7 (DHC7)

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                                  Dash7 (DHC7)                         

                    for use with MSFS2020          
             (BETA) VERSION 1.05

                     Conversion from FSX to MSFS2020 by "DonFanucci"
                 Original Model Design, Animation:Milton Shupe
               Textures:Mike Kelly

    "Special Thanks to Milton Shupe for permission to use original FSX model".
               Credits:Mike Kelly for original textures.

Credits: MSFS Legacy Importer by Alex Marko. https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/mods/117


-Extract the package to your MSFS Community Folder.

Known Issues (V1.0)
Eyepoint view may need tweaking for some users
Some minor texture issues 
**Update Notes** (V1.01) 06-06-2021
ajustments to non-linear engine table (PID)

**Update Notes:  (V1.02)  09-06-2021
Corrected Engine Idle
Corrected Engine Spool-up Time for Panel Power
Adjustment to fuel burn rate
Added Livery "Brymon Airways"
**Update Notes:  (V1.03)  11-06-2021
Adjustment Engine Spool-up Time for Panel Power
Added Livery "Newman Airways"
**Update Notes:  (V1.04)  11-06-2021
Minor Adjustment, Engine Spool-up Time
Added Livery "Wideroe"
Added Livery "Air Wisconsin"
**Update Notes:  (V1.05)  15-06-2021
ajustments to non-linear engine table (PID)
Adjustment Engine Spool-up Time for Panel Power

Note: This conversion is NOT realistic of the actual Dash 7.
Microsoft's rules: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/rules


*Leave bug list in comments below.


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  • Version 1.05 June 16, 2021

  • Version 1.04 June 14, 2021

  • Version 1.03 June 11, 2021

  • Version 1.02 June 10, 2021

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87 Comentarios

Would love to see a conversion of the De Havilland Comet DH104. I've been trying to convert it with no success.

Hey thanks for you make this aircraft

but someting is bugged the landings lights and the taxing lights dont work and when you slow down the engine or turn off the engine some instrument turn off.

You need to fix that

It would be nice to have an updated changelog.

the cockpit is still in the air above the plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you start a flight from a parking, the engines are always running, which they are not for other aircrafts! Is this normal?

I have big respect for all develloper but I can't fly a 4 Engine (Turbo)Propeller aircraft with a B747 cockpit. That has absolutely nothing to to with reality even when it's just a game. What about creating own cockpits like it it was usual in FS2004-FSX times?! Are there no cockpit creation tools on the market? Is the SDK still not published. Sorry , I like to be fair and thankful but how I can rate f.e. a Dash 7 or ATR 72 with 4 or 5 stars if it is only flyable with an CRJ or B747 Cockpit which is not even a propeller plane. I know the ATR Community mod which has an Beech cockpit that fit at least the funktion of an propeller-turbo aircraft. I see that its a nice job to convert FSX planes to FS2020 planes but without a fitting cockpit it is useless work in my opinion.

Good job, but there is an issue with cameras, I am behind the seat, and I can't move the zoom, I use a wide screen, Can you modify ?

can you fix cold and dark enige if a click on ctrl e dont work the engine from the plane only if a click ctrl shift e that work wel fine, a now this is beta can you this fix it

what possibilities there are that can you do the A340-600?

Does this work with the salty 747 mod.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have this aircraft. I used to fly the Air Wisconsin flights from KCLE to KSBN. I also loved watching the Piedmont flights coming through KDCA. There are so many Liveries I would love to see for this plane. Piedmont, United Express, US Airways, PanAM, TWE, Air Wisconsin. Thank you!!!!!

Cool idea and all, and I appreciate the effort, but the fact that you put a 747 cockpit in a dash 7 is making me absolutely die. At least thanks for making my day!

look guys , you expect too much i am afraid. he converted the plane from fsx or p3d. and he did a good job by all means, but system and all the real aircreft details and so on , only paywere can do, or really a group of guys like a32x , zibo and so on that will work like crazy to give you the best for free. i hope that he will make it work but dont "push" your high hopes for it.

Hi, with the last update, the texture Newmans does'nt work when this livery is selected (bad cockpit panel and exterior view of craft.

can you fix the autopilot

Qualcuno può aiutarmi per quanto riguarda la vista interna che non funziona? Magari sbaglio qualcosa nella istallazione grazie

Plane looks good, hand fly's well. The auto pilot not working is a major problem, also when selecting flaps gauge is incorrect. One thing that is a bit weird is using the 747 cockpit puts you so high in air. Looks promising but atm not ready for primetime.

Ciao Donfanucci,

I've got the same issue like rrroberttt with black screens.

And the bigger problem: idle rev is much too high ~60%. No chance to get slower midair. I don't have this with other props

edit: great now! it's a very nice plane - thx

The cockpit instruments does not come on fully at idle. I have to move the throttle about 1/3 of the way for the cockpit instruments to come on fully. As soon as I pull the throttle back to idle, most of the instruments shut off. This is with the latest version.

Why this one received lower rating? This one is far better than Sukhoi Super Jet 100. Amazing work

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