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Version 6.2
Lanzamiento inicial September 03, 2020
Última actualización December 05, 2021
Tamaño del archivo 12.97 MB
Downloads 11,517
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10,410 | VIII Captain

Compatibilidad Sim Update 7
Categoría Boeing 787

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  • Version 6.2 December 05, 2021

    Stability Fixes

  • Version 6.1 December 05, 2021

  • Version 6 December 04, 2021

    Fixed missing textures, registration fixes

  • Version 5 September 05, 2021

    Compatibility Updates
    Reworked cheatlines using 3D method
    Other minor fixes

  • Version 4 March 04, 2021

    Deleted all unrequired textures.
    Made it so that livery does not conflict with default textures.

    **Please Delete previous installations and reinstall this package.**

  • Version 3.0 September 05, 2020

    Deleted all unrequired textures.
    Made it so that livery does not conflict with default textures.

    **Please Delete previous installations and reinstall this package.**

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15 Comentarios

Currently does not work with Heavy Division mod. Screens are just black. Only happens with this livery.

What a quality product this one is. Just flew WSSS - VTBS with this beauty. Thanks to the kind developer. 5-STAR product.

Pink wings showing on mine

Great work! However, this version 6.1 appears to be broken. MSFS 2020 can't seem to load at all. After removing it, MSFS loads again. Had used the previous version all the while and is working fine. Please look into it.

When I see this livery on other planes/players it has a lot of pink artifact from a distance, can you fix this ? 😞

I have started hating Microsoft Flight Simulator!!! Their update has DESTROYED the experience... The engine 1 is by default off. And the cockpits are FUCKED

Could you please update!

I really like this Singapore 787 Repaint , and i flew this many hours to feel like going travel in home during lockdown , but is it ok to request 1 small thing in the repaint?

is it able to add red color on the tip of every PYLONS , this is Singapore airlines version.

and the NO STEP located area. This is just an improvement, just hope this can come true.

Nice livery, thanks a lot.

However, there are two bugs:

- the livery is always active by default for the 878. This is odd and does not happen with any other livery I have ever used

- there is no correct naming of the livery. It's still called "Standard" instead of "Singapore airlines"

Would be great if you could fix that.
Sorry, I should've included a screenshot. Here they are:
Hey, the livery looks very beautiful. Well done!
But I need to ask, have you tested this livery for night flight? Here's a few things that I've observed.

1. The Showcase Camera 11, and 12 seems to have been blocked. I can't see anything out the window.
2. On night flight, for some reason the inside of the cockpit windshield becomes highly reflective. It's reflecting my instruments back at me, that I can't see a thing. And some parts of the livery becomes reflective silvery color at night. Maybe there's some issue with either the alpha or reflective mapping in the texture. I'm not sure.

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