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Luxemburg Airport (ELLX)

Luxembourg International Airport, usually called Findel after a neighboring village, is the only international airport in Luxembourg. Its beginnings date back to the 1930s. ...

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Luxembourg International Airport, usually called Findel after a neighboring village, is the only international airport in Luxembourg. Its beginnings date back to the 1930s.

 | ICAO-Code: ELLX | 
 | IATA-Code: LUX | 

 | ILS 06: 109.9 | 

 | ILS 24: 110.7 | 




This is my first scenery creation for MSFS 2020. I hope you like it.
At the moment the main building(Terminal A) and Terminal B is improved. (The whole scenery is still under development)


There are two different files. The first one is the main file. The second file also contains all the reworked buildings, but has no scenery objects on the ground (useful if GSX Pro is installed).

(Delete all old "luxemburg-ellx" folders). Unzip the zip file and just drag and drop the folder "luxembourg-ellx" into your community folder!


Dies ist meine erste Szenerie für den MSFS 2020. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch.
Im Moment ist das Hauptgebäude(Terminal A) und das Terminal B verbessert. (Die ganze Senery ist noch in der Entwicklung)


Es gibt zwei verschiedene Dateien. Die erste ist die Hauptdatei. Die zweite Datei beinhaltet auch alle überarbeiteten Gebäude, besitzt jedoch keine Szenerie Objekte am Boden (nützlich wenn GSX Pro installiert ist)

(Lösche alle alten "luxemburg-ellx" Ordner). Entpacke die Zip-Datei und ziehe einfach den Ordner "luxemburg-ellx" in den Community-Ordner!

~ TheRedFox


- Custom Ground markings

- Custom Terminal / Building modelling

- Terminal interior 

- Generally reworked parking positions, gates and taxiways

- Added night Lighting


- reworked Terminal A + interrior
- reworked Ground-Textures at Terminal A
- added Gate markings
- reworked height differnce
- ILS Fixed


for older Updates look into Changelogs


Coming soon

- completely reworked Terminal B - Planned

- configuration file for GSX Pro - In Progress

(- Tower next to Cargolux Hangar) - Not planned at the moment



Luxemburg ELLX Airport Luxembourg Findel
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April 18, 2021
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1 month(s) ago — 2.0



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27 Comentarios

Bumpy Ride

As I'm taxiing to 24 just before CLX stands the plane dips several times ,reminiscent of that famous taxiway plunge at Schiphol. Just as well most of us were strapped in...

I'm sure this feature doesn't exist in real life.



1 month(s) ago / Agradecido por TheRedFox

Thank you, dear REDFOX! This is a very promising begining. With your great abilities, the airport shall become much more beautiful than the payware 😊

Very impressive both inside and outside, Stands clearly marked and jetties well placed. Pity I couldn't buy any duty free 😉

The scenery is nice however the ILS for rwy 06 is offset ...

What a great improvement on previous versions ! Now I can appreciate why planes need to be guided through this maze of lights by a follow me vehicle.

Hey, love your rendition of ELLX. Thank you very much. One thing I noticed is, that after landing, the AI traffic is taxiing down the whole runway and only gets off the runway on the very end. It does not take any exit inbetween the runway although it could. Maybe you can have a look into it? Thanks

Have a problem with the last version : buildings are pink

Thanks - this makes operating in and out of Findel so much better!

Great work

merci pour la maj

Congratulation, it looks very nice. Just landed there.

Absolutely GREAT, thank you! - BUT PLEASE try to add the missing Radar-Dome + the smaller tower beside it, which are near to the Cargolux-Center (on the western side of the Apt. / near apron No. 8)!

Finally a worthy scenery to fly into Luxemburg. Thank you!

Merci pour vos efforts. Le résultat est très convaincant.

Great work.Hope you stay on top of devolpment with completing this airport..Love to start from this airfield because the wonderfull landscape around it.Keepit comming..thanks Andre

Great scenery, but first impression the terminal is too high. It is not more than three times the height of the jetway (I live near the airport)
Thank you!
oh its another scenery of ELLX😌 try airport FAWB please

  • Version 2.0 August 19, 2022

    - reworked Terminal A + interrior
    - reworked Ground-Textures at Terminal A
    - added Gate markings
    - reworked height differnce
    - ILS Fixed

  • Version 1.7 July 15, 2022

    - new Ground Textures
    - Runway guard lights added
    - taxiway signs
    - new Runway Bridge (at the beginning of RWY 24)

  • Version 1.6 March 19, 2022

    - added Cargolux Hangar (not Final)
    - added Apron P10
    - added some Airport fences

  • Version 1.5 June 05, 2021

    - Reworked all Gates, Parking Positions and Taxiways

    - Added Custom Ground Markings

    - Reworked some Night Lighting

    - Added Airport Star on Map

  • Version 1.4 May 23, 2021

    - improved RunwayBridge texture

  • Version 1.3 May 21, 2021

    - Added Terminal B
    - Added a few Light masts

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